Zhejiang Shanteng Transmission Intelligent Control Equipment Co., Ltd

Yamato focuses on the production of orthogonal geared motors, including SZG-H, SZG-F, and SZG-R series. 

Superb integrated design,The soft lines and corners perfectly integrate with technology to bring you extraordinary quality.

Every high-quality product is derived from the rigorous work attitude of Shantou people, scientific process 

control and strict qualityinspection, for customers

Create tangible and lasting value.

Mountain rattan products have:
1. Small size and high transmission efficiency;
2. Large torque and large gear modulus;
3. Low noise and maintenance free;
4. High speed ratio, multiple speeds can be achieved in a single box, and the speed ratio can reach 1/5 ~ 1/240;
5. Easy installation, no need for chain, sprocket and protective cover, direct connection, convenient and cost saving.